10 Tips about hiring straight male escorts for women in 2021

Straight Male Escorts for women for hire

You have always wondered and fantasized about straight male escorts for women, but what are the things a woman should consider before contacting the chosen one?

Know what you want

This may sound very simple, but it is an important one. You need to figure out what it is exactly that you are after. Every woman has its own needs, desires and fantasies. Selecting the right person is incredibly important. Are you looking for something purely physical, a mental connection or a blend of both? Once you decided on this, know what your type is, then you have much better chances on finding the right companion and you are destined to have a more enjoyable time.

Conduct your own research

This may surprise you: The majority of straight male escorts are really NOT straight. If you are not OK with your dinner date being a bisexual (or bi-curious) escort, do your search. Simply Google the companion’s name. Google will turn up with a lot of results for you if the gentleman is doing anything gay-related. Movies, advertisements…etc.

Little bit paranoid still? Dig deeper!

In case you want to ensure that your chosen man didn’t just invent another alias for his straight ads vs. gay ads, do a Google image search. This will weed out the ones who think they can outsmart us women! Simply go to: images.google.com and insert the URL / link (the way to get the link is simply right-click on the picture and click on “Copy image address”) or upload the actual picture. Google will return with the results instantly.

Straight male escorts (the truly straight ones) don’t do this for a living

This is simple supply and demand. While high-end male companions make a great per hour rate, the amount of quality requests they get, don’t keep them in designer clothes. When contacting someone, keep that in mind that you may not get a response right away. These gentlemen are typically busy so making a last-minute request most of the times won’t yield proper results.

Once in the clear, check for references

Reviews nowadays are the way to go with just about anything. Finding legitimate straight male escort reviews online is – let’s just say – highly improbable. There are a few things you can consider however:

  • Make sure that the gentleman has his own website
    Reason: Anyone can upload 3 pictures of himself on a directory listing site and insert 10 sentences about himself but if he takes the effort to put together a website, that person has the intent to plan for long-term. Building a website takes time and costs money.
  • Does he have a YouTube channel / active Instagram / active Twitter account?
    Reason: If so, that’s also a good sign, because it demonstrates that he invests his time in marketing himself.
  • Are there articles / interviews / reports / blogs about him online?
    Reason: Being an “authority figure” in every line of work is always a sign that whatever he does is acknowledged by others.
  • Are there any professional pictures of him posted on his website?
    Reason: Very simple, professional photography sessions cost anywhere between $1,000 – $2,000 USD in the USA. Do you think that he will try to steal your $100 from your wallet or want to just get paid and provide nothing in return? At the end of the day, this is a business for these men. People who invest in their businesses, do their best to succeed. You can expect that at the very least from someone with professional photography.

Do your homework and read about him

If the escort has his own website, read everything and ask if you have questions. Most professional male escorts for women have a detailed introductory section where they talk about themselves so that you can get a good feel about what you can expect. Personality typically comes through introductions and it can paint a picture of the man you are going to meet. If something is unclear, you should ask questions.

Make sure that your companion is located in your area

Of course you can find the man of your dreams, but what good does that do if he is somewhere else in the world? You are most likely available at a specific date, time and location so you need someone who can be at your disposal. If the straight male escort of your choice is not located there, contact him and discuss if there are any fees he would charge to meet you at your location. Men are a lot more flexible in this field of work than women and many of them do a bit of traveling as well on their own. It may work out, bottom line it never hurts to ask.

Go with your instinct

Women’s instincts never fail. Upon first contact it is important to see how you react to the communication you receive from your male counterpart. Obviously, the first time you contact a “stranger” it can be nerve-wracking for most of us and that’s OK, but look beyond that initial excitement mixed with concern and see how you feel about it. If your alarm bells are ringing, just don’t proceed with setting up the appointment. If you get a professional and friendly reply and feel safe and at ease, take it to the next level and set something up with the gentleman. It will be his job in person to make you feel good about yourself anyway.

Meet in a public place

In case you are meeting this gentleman for the very first time, always arrange the meeting in a public place. This is important on many-many levels. First of all, you will meet him at a safe place, where there are people around you. You can see him, you can talk to him and of course see if he is a person you intend to spend an extended time with. In case you don’t like him, it is much easier to turn him away than when he is up in your room or suite. Be sure to pay for his troubles though, as straight male escorts take their time to get ready for your rendezvous, drive to your location, pay for parking…etc. Respect them and their time but you are not obligated to pay for the entire prearranged time that you have reserved. If you hire a professional, he will be very nice about it.

Safety is sanity

At times of COVID-19, you definitely wish to choose a partner who demonstrates responsibility through and through, and needless to say, it is common sense for straight male providers who meet other people openly to ensure that he is fully vaccinated to ensure a safe and healthy encounter. Be bold and ask if the straight male escort of your choice has been fully vaccinated before you meet. No reason to be exposed to additional risk.

Remember, you are responsible for expenses

While this may feel like a date to you (which is exactly what you want to feel and to be treated as), you are the one who is hiring and hence responsible for any expenses that occur during your time together. Should you decide to get a drink, share a meal or even just an ice-cream together with your man, you need to pay. Some of us – if you are like me – want the man to pay. Make an arrangement with him in advance and tell him that you will be paying him a certain amount more that will cover your drink or meal. Be sure to give him such money up front and when the bill comes, he will be the one taking care of it. Enjoy the jealous looks you get by dining out with a gorgeous man who is treating you with an exquisite meal.

Agency or Independent escorts?

This has been an ever-evolving question. I would like to say that if you are contemplating between the two and can’t decide either:

  • Go with an established agency with a proven track record
  • Go with an independent straight male escort ONLY if he has (m)any of the footprints I have referenced under the “Once in the clear, check for references” section.

I hope this article helped you to figure out what to do and how to do it (or bottom line make it less of a hassle and to make a more informed decision) and have a wonderful time with the man of your choice. If you have had a great experience in the past, post it here and let others know!

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3 thoughts on “10 Tips about hiring straight male escorts for women in 2021

  1. Alexander, I will definitely hit you up next time I am in Vegas. After 3 sessions, you have become my new attraction in town and thank you for the rose, what a special gentleman. See you again next month!!!

  2. Aleks you are a class act! Thank you so much for making my wife feel at ease. Even though we felt confident about meeting you, we were really nervous and I am sure you noticed that too. Your professionalism, friendly demeanor and smile definitely made my wifey melt and she still talks about the encounter while her eyes light up. I also appreciate some of the tips you gave me (I tried them with her and they worked!). Again, you are a special guy and showed Amber a very special evening. We thank you for that.

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